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Medicare Advantage

Advantage Insurance specializes in Medicare Advantage Insurance plans (Medicare Part C). For more information on these plans see the resources section here. Available providers are:

Local Providers

Medicare Supplemental

For clients interested in additional coverage we recommend considering a Medicare Supplemental plan. All major insurance providers offer supplemental coverage in addition to Part C coverage. For information on what Medicare Supplemental plans are and what they cover see the resources section here. Clients interested learning about the Medicare Supplemental plans available in this area can visit the web page below.

Short Term Medical

Clients who need coverage between job, before getting on Medicare, who need coverage while traveling, or who have any other special situation will find Short Term Medical is the perfect coverage option for them. Advantage Insurance offers Short Term Medical plans from Tokio Marine HCC. See the resource section here for more information on Short Term Medical. To get a free quote from The IHC Group click on the link below: